Zirconia Crown in Athens

A dentist teaching his patient how to brush teeth properly using a model.

Better Results With Natural-Looking Crowns

If your child is afraid of seeing the dentist, they’re not alone. Lots of kids are nervous, anxious, and scared of dental visits. But Dr. Lindsey is here to help with dental sedation and no drill, no shot treatment at Limestone Pediatric Dentistry. Contact us now to schedule an appointment in Athens.

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

Understanding The Basics

Zirconia dental crowns are a type of dental crown that’s made from zirconium dioxide. This is a durable, long-lasting ceramic material that can be manufactured to look just like natural tooth enamel. Pediatric zirconia crowns are ideal for restoring damaged or decayed baby teeth. They look and feel more natural than metal crowns, and are built to be strong enough to last until your child’s baby tooth falls out and is replaced by an adult tooth.

The Benefits Of Zirconia Crowns

The biggest benefit of a zirconia crown is that it will look and feel more natural than a stainless steel crown. At our office, we offer a variety of pre-fitted zirconia crowns that are built to match the color and shape of your child’s tooth perfectly. Once their crown is in place, it will blend in with the rest of their smile seamlessly.

The Zirconia Crown Process

What To Expect

If you’d like your child to be sedated, Dr. Lindsey will need to discuss their health history, medications, and supplements, along with any existing medical issues to ensure sedation is a good option for your child.

Depending on the type of sedation your child receives, they'll either wear a nose mask for minimal sedation with laughing gas in our office or be sedated with an IV in a hospital setting. Once their treatment is over, Dr. Lindsey will send you and your child home with recovery instructions.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Keep Kids Smiling

Baby teeth may fall out eventually, but that doesn’t mean they're not important. With a zirconia crown, you’ll be able to keep your little one’s baby tooth healthy and strong until it’s replaced by a permanent adult tooth.


Why Patients Want to Remove Mercury Fillings

Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause many health problems, including damage to the brain and kidneys. Mercury exposure can also cause headaches, insomnia, nerve damage, and respiratory issues.

Patients may have concerns that mercury is being released from their fillings every time they chew. If your fillings become damaged, broken, or fall out, this is an even bigger problem. This can expose you to toxic levels of mercury or even lead to mercury poisoning.

Is My Child A Good Candidate For A Crown?

This depends on the extent of damage to their tooth. Dr. Lindsey practices minimally-invasive dentistry. This means that she will recommend alternatives to a crown whenever they're appropriate. If your child is a good candidate for no drill, no shot options like Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), or an alternative like a dental filling, we’ll recommend those treatments over a crown.

However, if your child has serious tooth damage or tooth decay, a zirconia crown from Limestone Pediatric Dentistry may be the right choice. To learn more, we recommend contacting our team to schedule a consultation with our Athens pediatric dentist. We’re always accepting new patients in Athens!